Trainwreck Review

Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck is really funny. It’s overly long and it doesn’t quite hit on all the dramatic beats, but it’s a good time at the movies (preferably in a crowd). More importantly, it announces Schumer (who wrote and starred in it) as a potential superstar in the making.

If you were disappointed in Trainwreck, you probably went in with the wrong expectations. Schumer writes and stars in it, and she’s got Judd Apatow along to direct. Apatow has previously said he didn’t want to direct anything he didn’t write, but, after a few flops, here he is hitching his star to a true up-and-comer. And who can blame him? Schumer is a one-in-a-million talent. She’s dropdead funny and she’s beloved by men and women alike. She tips the scales even more by absolutely making sure men will show up to the theater: Lebron James (and, to a lesser extent, Amare Stoudamire) make their big screen debuts to ensure that Trainwreck is the perfect date movie.

3/5 stars


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