Overrated/Underrated Week 1



I know there will be plenty of comic book fans who will be quick to disagree, but I just didn’t love the vibe of the trailer. I’m just not lining up to watch a film by a first time director where a self-referential Ryan Reynolds (who peaked in 2008ish) becomes an ugly superhero. Also, that February release doesn’t scream confidence to me. But then again, what do I know? I ate a frozen lasagna for lunch today and I didn’t really like it that much but I kept eating. It didn’t fill me up, so I fruitlessly searched for the next twenty minutes for a snack. So maybe it will be good.

Also, sidebar on Ryan Reynolds: If you were to ask, I would say, “Yeah, I like Ryan Reynolds!” But I just looked at his IMDB page and his number one “known for” movie is Green Lantern. He still hasn’t had a true defining role, and I guess that’s why he hasn’t quite stuck as a true movie star yet.



The buzz here surrounds Sarah Shapiro, who was a producer on The Bachelor and claims this show is based on her real experiences. The show follows the behind the scenes crew of a clear Bachelor rip-off, Everlasting. Rachel (played gamely by Shiri Appleby) is a self-proclaimed feminist that makes a living by manipulating women into revealing their darkest secrets and creating compelling TV at their expense. The show is on Lifetime, and it definitely has its flaws and melodramas, but it’s well worth a watch.

Properly Rated:

Tom Cruise

Still the best, you know?


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