Overrated/Underrated Week 2


Jennifer Lawrence

I like her and all and I think she’s a fine actress, but let’s look at the resume: three best actress nominations (one for supporting, but still), one win, the title of the world’s highest paid actress ($52 million in 2015), and a reputation as a goofy, lovable, down to earth gal that would be anyone’s best friend. Are we sure she’s THAT good? Her performance in Hunger Games is just fine, but she plays a pretty passive lead character that sits around and mopes until she starts yelling. Even her performance in one of her Oscar winning scenes here. Isn’t that Bradley Cooper’s scene? We know she’s capable of flipping out, but if you replaced her with an average actress, isn’t that scene 90% as good? Also, are we sure she always manages to trip/rip her dress/forget her speech? At the risk of sounding overly cynical, is it possible that her super chill persona is just a creation of some super smart publicist? I think she’s a good actress and I actually think she’s improving, but I’m not exactly sold on her being the number one actress in the world right now.


True Detective Season 2

It’s messy, imperfect, and it was never going to live up to its own lofty expectations. But what if you didn’t know it ever existed and I came up to you and described it? Close your eyes and imagine my voice. “Hello. There’s this new show that you can binge watch on HBO about a few crooked detectives and a trying-to-go-straight gangster. They’re up against all of their own departments (who all went them to fail) in a conspiracy that goes to the top. The show builds a little slow, but the last four episodes are filled with action and drama and it leads to a heartbreaking conclusion. Also, the show features totally committed A-List talent.” So maybe you won’t run to the TV immediately, but you’d put it on your list, right? No? Aw, well, I kinda liked it. 


2 thoughts on “Overrated/Underrated Week 2

  1. I have a bone to pick about your view of the godness that is Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone knows she’s good, hell she’s great, you say it yourself. And look at that resume! Any actress in Hollywood not named Merryl Streep would kill for that kind of track record, and at 25! I think you’re overrating her overrated-ness. We all know she’s good, it’s just a fact of the universe, and yeah there’s the crowd that worships the ground she walks on, and they’re a particularly loud and patronizing bunch, but let’s not persecute the girl for having such great talent and a great personality that attracts such loyal fans. I’m content knowing she’s top tier and not having to scream it from the rooftops. Saying she’s overrated is just missing the forest in the trees of a great acting career that we’ll continue to enjoy throughout our lifetime.


  2. Isn’t that Bradley Cooper’s scene?

    I’m not sure that it is his scene. You see 3 different sides of Jennifer Lawrence’s character in that scene. I would say the movie is Bradley Cooper’s movie, but J-Law steals that scene completely. I’ve said in the past playing crazy is a little overrated, but she plays bi-polar which is a lot more interesting to me. In that scene she played it calm and cool and then completely batshit crazy. Also no one praises her for her blockbuster films like The Hunger Games, just like no one praises Bradley Cooper for The Hangover or The A-Team. I think she is rated exactly where she should be. I’m interested in seeing Joy and see how she is in that.

    True Detective 2 is underrated. Good job.


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